Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Day That Will Live In Infamy

What is this world coming to? Why must people persist in spreading misery and unhappiness and pain? Why must we suffer more outrageous acts of terror?

And most importantly: Why did America vote for that heinous slut Kelly Monaco over the delightfully charming John "J. Peterman" O'Hurley on the "Dancing With the Stars" finale last night? WHY?

I can't stomach being surrounded by phillistines who care nothing about Art or Meaning, but only for fake boobs and "overcoming challenges" (such as being the worst dancer on the show); who care not for the truly wonderful and entertaining, but only for the vacuousness of a tiny, beady-eyed, whorish soap opera "star."

I am filled with disgust for my fellow man.

I am demoralized.

I am torn asunder.

And the bombings in London don't help my mood any, either.


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"Memories, all alone in the moonlight...." Yes, all we have now are the memories. Good night, Sweet Prince. Good night...


Spare E said...

That channel comes in quite poorly here, but I did watch some of the finale last night (only episode I've seen any of)... I was stunned that the soap opera tramp's free-style dance got a perfect score b/c it was SO sloppy and choppy. Sure there were lots of jumps and leaps and twirls and crap, but none of them were performed gracefully or even in synch with her partner, who was doing most of the serious dancing... she was seriously out of step with him several times. I smell a fix.... and it STINKS!

Anonymous said...

I can't say too much, due to my heart being broken and all, but I, too, smell a fix. ABC conspiracy! Especially since the first thing Kelly Monaco said after winning was, "I'm going to Disneyworld!"

Terri R.

P.S. The bit with Patrick Swayze tutoring John O'Hurley on couples dancing was nothing but genius.

Kelly M Sucks said...

I agree it was an ABC FIX. After the perfect 10s I went back and watched her dance again because I was sure I had missed some miracle - but NO - she practically FELL 3 times and it was not graceful!! Who are they trying to kid?? SO irritating. :(

impy chimp said...

This is so wrong! So wrong. I want justice. I want that little tramp to have to dance a pasa doble with O'Hurley smacking her around.

Oh, and I was greatly disturbed by the size of Patrick Swayze's head on his tiny little dancer man-body.