Friday, July 15, 2005

Color Me Shocked. SHOCKED, I say!

Friend of Felt Up and super-sleuth Michele S. just sent in this hot tip from English music magazine NME. Hold onto your seats, folks, 'cause this one is a real shocker!
BABYSHAMBLES have postponed their summer tour.

The band were due to undertake a jaunt round the country to promote forthcoming single ’Fu*k Forever’, however this afternoon the promoter informed agents that the tour was postponed.

A spokesperson for the band said the reason is so the band can complete their debut album.

The dates will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

Yes, I know, you may need time to digest this information. Take a moment.

Try to believe it: The band fronted by Pete Doherty, who--according to Popbitch--most recently shocked onlookers by openly doing crack backstage at Live 8 after stumbling--or should I say, shambling--his way through T. Rex's "Children of the Revolution" with Sir Elton John, has postponed an upcoming tour so they can complete their album. And of course in Cockney rhyming slang, "complete their album" means "let Pete go through yet another stint at rehab." At least that's what I think it means. They kind of slurred their words a bit and I had to have subtitles to watch "Snatch," so I'm not exactly sure. But, you know, it's an approximate translation, wot, wot!

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Just say no.

(And, yes, I have used this picture of Pete before, thanks for noticing, and I will continue to do so until a better one comes along, which I doubt will ever happen, so just get used to it!)

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Spare E said...

I think The Boo and I now have an unofficial challenge going to see who can get the most Published Felt Up Hot Tips (PFUHTs).

This week the score is 1 and 1.