Tuesday, July 19, 2005

All Is Not "Lost"...Or Is It?

The WOW Report has this link to the David LaChapelle-directed promo for what was supposed to be the UK showing of "Lost," which apparently is not going to happen after all, as for some reason the BBC decided not to air the series.

But at least it's something! As it's a LaChapelle Production, the clip is all fashion-y and artsy and whatnot--the hobbit does some hip-hop dancing--which is either good or bad, depending on your taste. Whatever! It is like so much catnip for all those poor, pathetic souls out there who want nothing more than to devour any teensy-tiny shred of "Lost"-related ephemera...like ME. Yes, that's right, my name is Jennifer and I'm addicted to a show about extremely back-storied plane-crash survivors on a spooky island inhabited by a Sasquatch! I'm obsessed with this show!

"Lost" re-runs, "Queer As Folk" dvds from Netflix, "Being Bobby Brown," and "Blow Out" are all that's getting me through this long, hot, humid summer in central Texas, man. I'm not kidding! Maybe a "Dog: The Bounty Hunter" episode or two. Oh, and "Rock Star."

And friends, family, C.P., and my beloved Corgi, Bugsy, of course. That goes without saying.

Think good thoughts for him, by the way. Bugsy is going in for The Big Snip this week. He'll have the meat, but no veg. The twig, but no berries. His frank, without the beans. He's not all that psyched about it, to be honest. He tells me, "I am fine the way God made me, lady!" and I have to say, "Bugsy, my good man, you have an enlarged prostate. It is out of my hands." And then he looks at me like this:

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Spare E said...

Keep us posted on Bugsy's Big Day.

Anonymous said...

I'll have my legs crossed for him.

Lone Ranger said...

Brits are lost souls. The BBC decides what you should view? The government throws you in jail for protecting yourselves against a home invasion? The cops can pull you over if your arms aren't bent enough on the wheel? Where will it end? When will you take your human rights back?

Anonymous said...

Your fave dancer O' Hurley's getting his own reality show (http://www.realityblurred.com/realitytv/archives/dancing_with_the_stars/2005_Jul_19_monaco_win_ohurley_series)