Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Passion of the Cruise

The NY Times has an interesting piece on Tom Cruise and his recent "odd" behavior--including, but not limited to, his leaping around, falling to one knee, beating his chest, and shrieking about the deep, passionate feelings he has for his beard, Katie Holmes, on "Oprah"; and his recent insistent, proselytizing blatherings about Scientology--he even had harsh words for poor ole Brooke Shields for taking anti-depressants for post-partum depression (because apparently Scientologists don't believe in modern psychiatry or brain drugs or doing whatever it takes to avoid drowning your children in the tub) and forced the production of "War of the Worlds" to have a Scientology tent on set.

I say "interesting" because usually the venerable Times doesn't sully its dainty hands with the silly comings and goings of celebrities (not a whole lot of coverage in the Old Gray Lady about Christian Slater's recent ass-grab reign of terror, for instance). The jist of the article is that many people in Hollywood are wondering if the T-Man has lost his lost his ever-lovin' little mind. Here is a person who has been driven to succeed, who has had a single-minded purpose--megastardom--since day one, and has had the focus and drive and discipline to do whatever it took (including, but not limited to, multiple sham marriages; a total reconstruction of his dental plate; an alleged nose job; fitness mania; probable facelifts; and selling his soul to the Devil down at the crossroads) to get to the top of the heap. And now suddenly he's become something of a p.r. liability to his studios--AKA "a laughing stock" and "an embarrassing Dianetic nutty nutball":
Within Hollywood, the discussion among agents, producers, studio executives and other actors has been focused more on whether Hollywood's biggest box office star was doing long-term harm to his career. And there was sincere confusion over what Mr. Cruise, a 20-year veteran of the publicity machine, had in mind with his recent public appearances and statements.

What, indeed, is going through what's left of his mind? Has he gone mad with star power? Has the sight of Nicole Kidman--his former beard and mother to their adoptive children--and her hideous Botoxed visage finallly broken him? Has he reached the tippy-top level of Scientology and become an alien (Level 143)? We may never know the truth, but there is one good thing to come out of this whole thing: I think I can safely say that what we have on our hands here is a long, drawn-out celebrity meltdown. Huzzah!

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Anonymous said...

i would give anything to see his oprah shenanigans. when will it be rerun, i wonder?

Terri R.