Thursday, June 23, 2005

Mary Kay Likes The Pink!

Wow. Usually when I check my email and it tells me that an "anonymous" person has posted a comment on Felt Up, I get a queasy, scaredy-cat feeling that when I look at the comment it's going to say something mean and nasty, along the lines of "Your blog sucks!" or "You have no business writing anything! And just because you don't get paid for blogging, that doesn't let you off the hook--you should pay us for having to read that crap!" or "Why are you so mean? TomKat are deeply, deeply in LOVE! You are probably fat and disgusting and bitter." So imagine my relief--nay, perhaps even glee--at reading the following just-posted anonymous comment.

It was posted on an old entry about convicted child lovin' former teacher Mary Kay Letourneau--and it's from a person who used to work at the prison where she was locked up! This is so exciting!
Mary Kay Letourneau was involved with inmate-turned-author Christina Dress in prison. I was an employee at the prison and know all the details about the Dress-Letourneau "LOVE" the wedding and the money. I'm sure Dress is involved in this, too. Vili is just a temporary thing..while the money is coming in. Dress and Letourneau have been in an intimate relationship for years now...and money probably looks good to the newly freed convicts.

They even wrote a book together while in prison...MASS WITH MARY. It doesn't tell about THEIR relationship. Certainly not the sexual which they were caught in the act in prison and taken to segregation (the hole). Nobody really knows the truth. Too bad.

I want to know the truth, o anonymous former prison employee! I want to know about "the hole," and the lesbian love affair that dare not speak its name! I want to know about the "Caged Heat"-type shenanigans that involved America's foremost crazy female teacher/child molester and her sham marriage to Vili! This is all so tantalizing, Anonymous! Can any of this be true? It certainly sounds plausible!

And thanks for not saying anything about me being a bitter old hag who lives a life devoid of love, or anything like that. I appreciate it!

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Tim said...

No way. Love the site. Did you see the story about how Katie Holmes was missing for a few weeks in April?,2933,160192,00.html

Anonymous said...

I was an inmate at WCCW (Washington Corrections Center fro Women) and although I can't STAND the 'cops', this prison guard is correct about Christina Dress and Mary Kay Letourneau being in a relationship. The funny thing is that I was in prison during this entire time and Letourneau didn't go to the hole for having sex with Christina Dress. She was caught having sex in the bathroom (shower area) with ANOTHER woman. Mary Kay and Christina had been put in seperate living units at the time and Mary Kay is NOT faithful!!!

I'm sure trips to segreation are a matter of public record. The media has sure missed a lot of this story. OH the fireworks that went off in prison between Alex (Christina Dress) and Mary Kay after Mary Kay's trip to the hole for having bathroom sex with another inmate! By the way, I believe Mary Kay was "with" four or five women in prison besides Dress and of course, an officer. Funny the cop that wrote in didn't mention THAT!

Anonymous said...

Christina Dress should be proud of her book...but not proud of Mary Kay Letourneau. My advice to Ms. Dress: Sometimes you have to let the sick ones be sick.