Wednesday, June 08, 2005

It's My Poo-rogative

Beloved snarkfest Popbitch just sent out its latest newsletter, and it contained the following highlight from the new Bobby Brown reality show, "Being Bobby Brown":
The couple's drugged-up ghetto lifestyle in full glare. One episode has Bobby describing how he helped his wife with her constipation, by inserting his fingers to massage it out. Whitney says, "When I told my girlfriends about it, they said 'That's real love, baby. That's real black love.'" Bobby then holds up four fingers and wiggles them in front of the camera.

Wow. Is this what they mean by "massage with release"? All I know for sure is that if this is the kind of top-quality material we can expect from "Being Bobby Brown," I will definitely be a very regular viewer! Ba dum dum. Thank you! Thank you very much. I'm here all week, folks. Try the veal!

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chepo said...

you are a sick woman barker-benfield...that's why i love you.

Anonymous said...

is this show already on? where? when? must watch!

Terri R.

Jenny said...

That's FUCKED. UP. I can't wait until they lock up Jacko so Whitney can take over as the new freak.