Monday, June 27, 2005

It Will Not Speak to Elton Unless It Is Spoken To!

Elton John has finally finished the long process of tranforming himself from an average, every-day, run-of-the-mill, multi-billionaire, show-biz queen to an actual member of British royalty, at least in his own mind.

According to Jeannette Walls' Scoop column on MSNBC:
Elton John’s party guests were stunned when they were told that they were not to speak to the Rocket Man unless spoken to.

While stars often stipulate that co-workers on movie sets or the staff of shows where they’re being interviewed are not allowed to look at or speak to them, the request from the increasingly prickly pianist to fellow partiers struck many as bizarre.

“Elton is obviously a star but this is bordering on paranoia,” a source told the Daily Mirror of London. “He is acting like old-fashioned royalty, or some tinpot dictator.”

The musician, who made headlines when he clashed with Madonna, George Michael, and paparazzi, hosted the annual White Tie and Tiara party at his Windsor mansion in England.

“I was staggered when I was told not to approach Elton,” one guest was quoted as saying in the Daily Telegraph of Australia. “To be honest it is absurd. I have been to the White Tie party in previous years and all the guests mingled very informally.”

Well, gee, I don't know that this is so bad. Is it wrong to act like "some tinpot dictator?" I myself often throw little impromptu black-tie events at Felt Up headquarters, and nothing is more likely to make me quiver in a violent rage than having some lowly guest begin speaking to me whilst I'm adjusting my tiara. It is simply intolerable! So I have to go with Elton on this one.

Peons of the world: Know your place in the pecking order! And just because you are "invited" to the party, that doesn't give you special priveleges to speak to your host, when that host is Her Majesty, Queen Elton of John (or Queen Felt Up of Blogger, for that matter)! You have been warned!

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"Let them eat pancake make-up!"

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