Thursday, May 12, 2005

Spoon Fed

Local Austin band Spoon is EVERYWHERE at the moment due to music critics' collective salivation over the imminent release of their new record "Gimme Fiction."

They are in my Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly ("The Only Utensil You'll Ever Need"), and now this article in the New York Times. For some reason--call it Fastball Sexton Syndrome--it always feels weird to see a local band get so much national and international press.

However, I'm pretty sure this picture of them in the Times was taken at LaLa's Little Nugget--do I hear a concurrence from someone with better spacial memory than me? Or is it some place else with a year-round-Christmas-decor that is part of LaLa's immense charm?

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I'm excited that LaLa's got into the Times, although I hope this doesn't make it even more difficult to get the charmingly cranky proprietresses to serve up a Shiner-Bock-in-a-can to us pesky interlopers...

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