Thursday, May 19, 2005

Space(y) Balls!

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Huzzah! Now this sounds much more likely! From Popbitch, which reported sightings of:
Kevin Spacey leading Hayden Christensen by the hand around the VIP area of the "Star Wars" party in Cannes.

Hee-hee! Poor Hayden. In Spacey no one can hear you scream...

In other non-news, Friend of Felt Up and fellow blogger Seth "Carefully Selected Garbage" O. sent in this link to a funny Brit and K-Fed cartoon called "Britney Eats For Two" that is definitely worth checking out, especially if you are a fan of Federline baby Cheeto jokes, which I, for one, definitely am.

And finally, last night "America's Next Top Model" was announced on the season finale...and she is quiet be-mohawked multi-ethnic waif NAIMA! I'm sure the entire nation joined me in breathing a sigh of relief that it wasn't pushy, bitchy, overly-confident fatty-fatpants Keenyah, but I was a tiny bit sad that hardscrabble Okie Kahlen didn't make it, just because she seemed like someone straight out of a Dorthea Lange Depression-era photo of one of those poor dustbowl families sitting on the porch of a shack, with toddlers in rags holding on to their hopeless, vacant-eyed mama's tattered apron. But that's just how I am. I like my models to claw their way up from nothing! She came from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma! Plus, she seemed nice, if a bit too prone to tears. Oh, well.

I can live with Naima--she did great all season, comes from Detroit, and wasn't too annoying. Once they got rid of "My Girl Wants To Party All The Time, Party All The Time, Party All The Tiiiiiime" Brittany, all the fun went out, anyway.

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America's Next Top Model Naima!

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