Friday, May 27, 2005

Pump Up the Volume

There's been such a dirth of good gossip items lately that I am forced to offer up this, from Page Six:
Christian Slater tried to score drugs Monday night — but this time, he wanted prescription pharmaceuticals.

Slater approached another customer in the men's room at Brother Jimmy's BBQ on Third Avenue.

"I was at the urinal," our dumbstruck spy said. "Christian Slater is next to me and starts talking. He says he's met this girl at the bar, he was hitting on her and he thought he could take her home. Then he asks me if I have any Cialis" — a longer-lasting version of Viagra.

When our tipster said he wasn't carrying any erectile dysfunction cure, Slater added, "It's the good stuff!" A rep for Slater said, "He was just joking around."

So, greetings and salutations to you, o hot, willing, and easy-to-pick-up-at-a-bar star groupie chick! The good news is you get to sleep with Christian Slater! The bad news is he couldn't score any e.d. drugs so you really will just be sleeping...Oh. Wait. Scratch that. What was I thinking? It should be the other way around: The good news is Christian Slater couldn't score any e.d. drugs, so now you don't have to have sex with him! Hurray! Now you won't have to spend an exhausting evening trying to gleam the cube!

You know, you have the exact same look of relief that Lindsay Lohan had when we told her!

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Anonymous said...

and now christian's been busted for ass-grabbing on the streets! i think i'm falling in love with him!

Terri R.