Tuesday, May 03, 2005

An Officer and a Dick

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

I can't get onto the Page Six website!

Apparently the bastards at the NY Post are instituting a required registration to access their online "news" stories, and the process has crashed their server.


So all I got so far is this sad, pathetic little report from the NY Daily News about Richard Gere being mean to two kids in wheelchairs:
Did Richard Gere dis two teens in wheelchairs at Saturday's White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington?

Fifteen-year-old Brian Glassmacher - who, with his 17-year-old sister, Kailyn, suffers from a form of muscular dystrophy so rare it's known as Glassmacher syndrome - says the movie star was snippy when he was asked to pose for a snapshot.

"I really liked 'Chicago' and I wanted to meet him. I thought he would be a very nice person," Brian told me yesterday. "But I thought he was very rude. I was very disappointed."

"No," Brian answered when asked if he'll ever see another movie starring Gere.

But Newsweek senior editor Lally Weymouth - who invited Gere to the dinner - insisted that her guest was "charming and accommodating and lovely to everyone" who approached him during the long night at the Hilton Washington.

Brian - a Fairfax, Va., middle school student who is deaf - spoke with me yesterday by phone with the aid of a sign-language interpreter.

"My sister" - who is also deaf and breathes with the aid of a trachea tube - "was also there, and she really loves all of his movies - even more than I do," Brian told me. "She really wanted him to come to the table, but it was really disappointing."

According to Brian and others at his table - all guests of Internet colossus Google.com - one of his tablemates approached Gere at the Newsweek table to ask if he could walk over and pose with his two severely disabled fans.

"Maybe later," the 55-year-old Gere was quoted as saying. "I'm hard of hearing and I have a bad hip. We all have problems."

Despite a second request an hour later, Gere still didn't come over. "May I please finish my dinner?" he pleaded with another fan who came up and asked for a photo.

When the dinner ended, Gere fielded a third request and finally posed hurriedly with Brian when his wheelchair happened to be blocking Gere's path to the exit, Brian said.

Meanwhile, such celebs as Donovan McNabb and Constantine Maroulis from "American Idol" happily posed and signed autographs for the Glassmacher siblings.

Yesterday Gere's publicist, Alan Nierob, told me: "I'm sure Richard conducted himself as he always does - in the most gracious and respectable manner."

Looks like all that Buddhism is really paying off in the niceness area, huh, Richard? Could it really be true that he said "We all have problems" about two deaf, wheelchair-bound, trachea-tube-breathing, muscular dystrophy-suffering teenagers? That's kind of awesome in its incredible terribleness. I'd expect that kind of extreme uncaring narcissistic jackassness from, say, a Paris Hilton or a George W. Bush, but Richard "Dalai Lama" Gere?

Wow. Richard really is a Dick! Who knew?

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