Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Just Like Mariah Carey, I Love Fresh Puppies!

I know that technically Chuck Lange is not an international celebrity--yet--but he is local royalty as far as I'm concerned, so please bear with me while I present you with an array of paparazzi photos exclusively obtained by Felt Up:
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And here's my Bugsy, The Apple of My Eye, with his totally ecstatic reaction to the news that he has a new baby cousin in the family:
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Don't worry. Felt Up will resume its regularly-scheduled snark-fest in the next post. But for now...PUPPY!


chepo said...

God that dog is gorgeous. I wish I could have a corgi. Instead I soon get to live with a dog who bites you in the ass when you turn your back.

Anonymous said...

That Chuck is darling! And Bugsy too!! (As always).

Olive says Hi!

Greg said...

That is one sweet-looking pup there. My next-door neighbors just adopted two Scotties, so I'm getting my puppy fill through them until I get a place where I can have a dog.

patrice said...


I love them. I have one now, had one growing up.

someone sent me a link to the dickinson entry, and I scrolled down into a little bit of heaven.

Jen O. said...

Did you see the way Chuck was looking at me? He loves me, I can tell.