Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Call Me The Tumblin' Bice

Friend of Felt Up Terri R. wants it officially noted in the public record that she is shocked and outraged by the outcome of the latest "American Idol," which concluded tonight in a very special two-hour live spectacular that has been hawked mercilessly on Fox News for months. Her favorite contestant, the long-haired, sunglass-wearing, "Freebird"-singin' cokehead rocker Bo Bice, has lost his chance at American idolhood to that blonde country chick from Oklahoma.

Terri R. is so upset that she feels her entire Memorial Day Weekend may be irrepairably ruined.

Your Felt Up blogette hopes that this is not the case, and despite her intense jealousy that Terri is getting away from A-Town for the weekend, she sincerely hopes that somehow Terri will find solace in the mountains of beignets and fried-oyster po-boys she will soon be washing down her gullet with endless gallons of Fuzzy Leprechauns and Hurricanes on her fabulous romantic getaway.

Adieu, sweet prince:
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"I'm as free as a Bo, now....And this Bo you'll never change."


tiny rabbit said...

On the up-side, Bo has been practicaly PROMISED a record deal with Clive Davis. He said that he, "looked forward to making a very special album" with Bo. I'm not sure what "very special" means.

Anonymous said...

What rabbit says is true. Bo has already got some deals in place so (even though I feel he should have won) I think that Carrie Underwear may have needed the contract more. She definitely needs some dancing lessons! Can someone please teach this poor white girl how to get her groove on?