Friday, May 13, 2005

The Boob Tube

It's a slow non-news day, I'm afraid.

Page Six reports that Jennifer Lopez outwitted PETA by taping her "View" segment a week early to avoid anti-fur protestors--which begs the question: How smart can PETA be if they can be outfox(fur)ed by J. Lo?

And, speaking of smart women and the televisual arts, Tara Reid might be making a brave jump from movie tramp boobie-exposer to t.v. whore boobie-exposer, also according to Page Six:
Tara Reid is finally embracing her reputation as one of Hollywood's hardest-partying hotties.

The buxom barfly is thisclose to signing a deal to become the next host of the E! channel's popular "Wild On!" travel show, following the bikini-clad likes of Cindy Taylor, Brooke Burke and Jules Asner.

In two weeks, Reid flies to Romania, where she will star in a horror movie called "Incubus." After that, the plan is for her to party her way through Europe for the rest of the summer, trailed by an E! camera crew.

Ironically enough, Tara has also been linked to a band called Incubus, but they had a "been there, done Tara" attitude, so they weren't really returning her calls.

In a related story, I've been following Awful Plastic Surgery's trailblazing, hardhitting journalistic investigation into Tara Reid's strangely deformed, lumpy, weird-looking stomach.

First there was this photo, a few months ago, that APS titled: Why does Tara Reid's Stomach Look Made Out Of Clay?
Image Hosted by

And then this week, they posted this picture, which didn't really have a title, but the caption noted that "Excessive liposuction is known to cause adhesions, tightened skin and scarring":
Image Hosted by

Since Tara is going to be spending the forseeable future on tv in a bikini, getting drunk and frottaged by Greek sailors while dancing at foam parties on Meditterranean islands, she might want to look into getting that lumpy stomach evened out. I hear the camera adds ten pounds of clay.

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Anonymous said...

Tara, oh Tara. Tomorrow is another day. Your busted mr potatohead tummy is lucious and so hawt.