Friday, April 08, 2005

Some Folks Will Never Be Fonda Jane

In honor of Jane Fonda's new autobiography My Life So Far, your humble Felt Upette would like to mention a bumper sticker she spotted today in Austin:

When The Jews Forgive Hitler!

Nice. It's so over-the-top that it kind of makes me giggle, but then feel really guilty.

Poor ole Jane. She has certainly packed a lot into her life so far! She really is pretty fascinating, except for when she's teaching Robert De Niro how to read in "Stanley and Iris."

Let's take a little photographic walk down Memory Jane, shall we?

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Jane Bardot!

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The Pre-Feminist Years

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Fight the Fascist Imperialist Pigs!

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The Picture That Started A Bumber Sticker Industry

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Fight the Fat Pigs!

And my number one, all-time favorite image of Jane:

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As we all know Michael likes to say, "Got milk?" Eeeww! (Note MJ is dressed like a cowboy.)

Whew! I'm exhausted just looking at her life. She is like a walking metaphor for all things Baby Boomer! I didn't even go into the Ted Turner years. They were kind of dullsville, anyway. Now she's in a movie with J. Lo! A whole new generation can learn to loathe her!

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chepo said...

Barbarella was one of my first pre-pubescent sex fantasies. You don't have a get up like that anywhere do you??