Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Rejoice! For The Federline Line Continues

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Oh my god, ya'll! Britney Spears has finally announced that she is knocked up, and not, as has been so snarkily speculated, just plain fat. She made the blessed, holy, miraculous announcement on her official website:
The time has finally come to share our wonderful news that we are expecting our first child together. There are reports that I was in the hospital this weekend. Kevin and I just want everyone to know that all is well. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Apparently, Mrs. Federline was rushed to the hospital over the weekend, possibly due to pregnancy complications. They couldn't have been too bad, though, or she would hardly have made the announcement, right? Hopefully all will be just swell for our Brit, although why in holy hell she would want to give the world yet another spawn of K-Fed is beyond me. Dude spends all his time in Vegas with his hand up a hooker's dress while his poor wife/cash machine cries publicly in a muu-muu!

Oh, well....Let the Red-Bull-and-Cheeto-related baby name jokes commence!

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