Friday, April 08, 2005

Just A Good Ole Boy, Never Meanin' No Harm

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Delightful gossip site Page Six Six Six has some new, intriguing corroboration about L'Affaire de Knoxville et Simpson.

Loyal Felt Up readers may recall that jackass Johnny Knoxville was rumored to have introduced Jessica Simpson to the naughty delights of "rimming" during their alleged torrid affair while they were filming "The Dukes of Hazzard" in Louisiana, although it was unclear whose salad, exactly, was gettin' tossed. (The public demands answers!) Which, as Friend of Felt Up Terri R. has pointed out, would be an extra hard slap in the face to Nick Lachey, seeing as how Jessica made such a big deal on national television about merely giving her husband a lil' "lip service."

She is a prude and a whore! Not an easy combo to achieve, but she managed to do it!


Anonymous said...

Am I smoking crack, or weren't there rumors not all that long ago about one Miss Lindsay Hohan and Herr Knoxville?

jennifer said...

Well, you may be smoking crack--that's really none of my business--but Johnny is a total manwhore who is not only married and a father and allegedly got Jessica Simpson into rimming, but also is rumored to have had a torrid fling with La Lohan. Who is only a few years older than his daughter.

Anonymous said...

this has to be the best news EVER!! i wonder if johnny made her get pushed around in a shopping cart that will inevitably crash into some bushes while she was getting rimmed??