Friday, March 18, 2005

SXSW Edition!

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Here are a few tiny tidbits to tide you over, and they all relate to the South By Southwest music/film/multimedia festival, AKA our hometown cash-cow!

Celebrity Sightings: I think I saw Dee Snyder at Emo's! At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

No doubts whatsoever about the next celeb encounter: The entire cast of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" was wandering about Sixth and Red River! Alas, no camera or I woulda had my picture taken with Meatwad!

At SXSW a few years ago Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue walked right by me on the sidewalk!

A little (although really rather tall, floppy-haired, and bespectacled) bird told me that the Guided By Voices hoot night at Emo's was pretty damn crowded, mainly with dudes, naturally, although a real live girl was spotted here and there. As one would expect, my source described the scene as "a giant GBV masturbation-fest." And what is wrong with that, I ask? Apparently, lead singer Bob Pollard was enjoying his "living legend" status by getting rather tipsy as he worked his way around the venue, everyone buying him drinks. Not a bad way to make a living, I say!

The Austin "Real World" cast and crew has been seen around town, making their documentary about a band called Enon (we think). Apparently the documentary is their forced group project this season; if the "Real World" is known for anything, it's for turning out Academy Award-caliber documentary film-makers, so keep your eyes out for the cast's final product!

In honor of my pals who spent most of last night at La Zona Rosa gettin' their indie rock on, here's some news about one of the bands that played the show, The Kaiser Chiefs, courtesy of I like to call it "If Scissor-Kicks Are Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right":

Kaiser Chiefs singer Ricky Wilson is suffering from agonising ripped tendons in his foot after a spectacular 'scissor-kick' took a dangerous turn.

The "I Predict a Riot" star, famed for his extravagant stage stunts, leapt from the drum kit during the Seattle, America, performance, landing badly on his ankle. But the brave 26-year-old continued with the set, despite being racked with pain.

A witness recalls, "Ricky came down badly on his ankle after his first jump during the second set and was in a lot of pain, but he carried on, hopping on one foot.

"He then grabbed some duct tape and wrapped it around his foot mid-song. You could see he was in agony, but he and the lads still put on a cracking show, even though he admitted he was in so much pain he forgot some of the words."

Wilson's foot is now in a cast and he is walking with the aid of a stick, but despite fears that aggravation of the injury could leave the star with permanent damage, he is desperate to continue with the US tour.

A friend has voiced concerns, "He knows the risks of carrying on, but he does not want to disappoint the fans."

I like that the location of the incident was "Seattle, America." Those limey music reporters are so snide! Or maybe their geography skills are just finally sinking to our level.

In a related story, I heard the Kaiser Chiefs show was "just ok." Heh.

To see footage of Luke and Owen Wilson being somewhat dickish (or at least unable to answer questions properly because they can't wait to get to the strip club and drown their sorrows in booze and coochie--you can almost see the bimbo bazooms dancing like sugarplums in their eyes) while their way more adorable, cuter, taller brother Andrew is his charming, unjaded-by-Hollywood self at the SXSW Film Festival premiere of "The Wendell Baker Story," go here.

Also look for Harry Dean Stanton lurking around--God, I love Harry Dean! He hasn't aged too much the last few years; it's like he was born looking 65 and he never got any older! Apparently he and Felt Up fave rave Seymour Cassel had a fine old time together on the set of this movie, according to my moles in the production team. Huzah!

More SXSW reports-as-filtered-through drunken memories as they become available!

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