Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Odd Couple

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There's a really funny and interesting interview on The Advocate's webpage with America's Sweetheart, Jay McCarroll, the winner of "Project Runway."

He talks about what it was like to win, how much he hated Wendy Pepper, and Kara Saun being mad about the final show. But my favorite quote was about Robert "House of" Plotkin:
He's very nice. I just talked to him today. I heard that Playgirl wants to do a photo shoot with him. I'd totally buy it. He's dumb as a bag of rocks, but who cares, because he's very, very, very genuine and sweet and down to earth and he's a great guy.

Oh, Jay! How I've missed you so! Come back, Jay! Come back! My tv-viewing life is empty and meaningless without you!

While you're sniffin' around The Advocate, you should also take a looksee at the man Terri R. thinks should play "Felix Unger" to Jay's "Oscar Madison" on "The Gay Odd Couple Reality Show of Our Dreams," Austin Scarlett. His interview from last month contains this delightful exchange:
Q: The Bravo Web site says that you have the smallest waist in three counties. How small is it exactly?

A:I don’t know the exact measurement, but it’s small enough that a stranger could put his hands around it. Hopefully.

Austin also mentions that he'd like to see clothing designs for men on the next season--if there is one--and that he'd like to be a judge!

I think I'm having "Project Runway" withdrawal symptoms: I've got the shakes, I keep seeing brightly-colored bats with Heidi Klum's face, and my skin crawls with tiny Wendy parasites! Most of all I'm, very, very cold....

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Anonymous said...

I miss them all so much! Jay! Austin! Plotkin! Hopefully they will be back as judges sometime during season 2...

Terri R.