Saturday, March 12, 2005

Nice Day for A China White Wedding

All of you who have been depressed about the recent spate of Hollywood break-ups--first Brad-n-Jen, then Denise Richards-n-Charlie Sheen and Katie Holmes-n-Chris Klein--should take comfort in the news that there's a new golden couple ready to take up the mantle. Yes, this match-made-in-heaven is sure to set the world alight with their charm and grace. Who am I talking about? Why, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty, of course! Page Six is reporting that Kate and Pete have decided to join in holy, sacred matrimony:
It looks as if Kate Moss has gotten engaged to druggie rocker Pete Doherty.

The supermodel has been spotted wearing an engagement ring amid reports that their romance is hotter than ever.

"Things between them have got intense again," a source told the London Sun.

Moss reportedly dumped Doherty the night before Valentine's Day, after he revealed details about their relationship to the papers.

The News of the World reports the pair recently had a lovers' spat in a pub, however.

Doherty, who recently went through drug rehab, is due in court next month on robbery and blackmail charges.

Ahh, young love. It is always thrilling to see two fresh-faced lovebirds cap a whirlwind romance with a civil and/or religious ceremony before their friends, family, and drug dealers, isn't it?

Now, some of members of Kate's ultra-exclusive "inner-circle," such as her babydaddy (not to be confused with Pete's band Babyshambles!) Jefferson Hack and nutty nutball BFF Sadie "Former Mrs. Jude Law" Frost, have expressed some concern.

Hack, especially, seems to think l'affair Doherty/Moss is just the teensiest bit, oh, I don't know, silly. The London Mirror reports that:

"Kate's former partner Jefferson was said to have told Kate: 'You're insane.' Jefferson, 32, who split with Kate last year, reportedly warned he will fight for sole custody of their daughter if Doherty goes near the child."

But Kate is standing by her man, and why not? As the Mirror notes, Kate "has boasted to pals she's fallen headed-over-heels for Doherty who she describes as 'really good looking ... and really dangerous.'"

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How right she is! He's so dreamy!

Somehow, I'm fairly certain that this is not the last we will be hearing about this beautiful moment in the history of romance and l-u-v. Stay tuned!


chepo said...

He looks like a girlie.

mackyton said...

Hope the wedding party went well. Was invited for a reception party of my colleague at one of the spacious Chicago wedding venues last month. Orchids and lilies looked quite presentable at the welcome. Stage decorations with crystals and roses was the best part. Thinking to go for same decoration ideas for my brother's reception.