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Here are a couple of websites of interest that I found whilst perusing the internets for pictures of Joan Collins and Linda Evans, as is my wont. Actually, the reason I was perusing had to do with this scintillating report from WENN:
Dynasty stars Joan Collins and Linda Evans will reunite for a theatre tour in stage comedy Legends!.

The play, written by the late James Kirkwood, toured the US and UK in 1986 to poor reviews, but the show's producers are hoping for a better response when the comedy hits California before moving to New York's Broadway.

Collins' spokesperson says, "We're in discussions, but it's very early stages."

Oh. My. God. If you are there, Lord, hear my prayer: Please bring "Legends!" starring Joan Collins and Linda Evans to me. Pretty please? I promise to be a better person, say my prayers, and help the elderly (like Joan). Amen.

Today's Sites To See are bizarre, European, and possibly addictive--in other words, the best kind! The first one is a German site endearingly titled Der Denver Clan. My German is a tad rusty (OK, nonexistent) but my lack of linguistic skills only added to my enjoyment of this strange site!

Here's a wee taste. From the sizzling description of the "Kopf oder Adler" episode (AKA "Episode One"):
Blake Carrington will seine ehemalige Sekretärin Krystle Jennings heiraten. Er lässt sich von seinem Chauffeur Michael zu ihr fahren, als sie gerade mit ihren Freundinnen Abschied vom Junggesellinnen-Leben feiert. Von einer bekommt sie eine Reitpeitsche geschenkt, weil Blake einen Reitstall hat. Aber Krystle sagt, dass Pferde sie nicht mögen. Außerdem erhält sie das Buch The Joy of Sex.

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To see this example of slavish teutonic devotion to American tv shows of the 1980s, go:

  • HERE!

  • The other page is from our dear, dear amis Le Francais, who have created a site all about celebrity dolls. Yes, that's right, red-staters, French dolls of celebrities--what's not to love? I can't tell if these dolls are for sale or not, or if this is just some crazy French person's collection, but it is a genuinely creepy pleasure to see The Little Rascals, James Stewart, and Johnny "Deep" in doll form. Actually, the Jean Reno doll I could see owning, if only for personal use, if you know what I mean and I think that you do...What? Is my love for brooding tough thugs so terrible and hard to understand, o cruel and unfeeling world? Or is it my possible fetishization of a French doll dressed like "The Professional" that makes you so queasy? What? Don't look at me like that! Stop judging me!

    By the way, my boy wonder Chepo and I watched "Collateral" last night, and suddenly there appeared on the screen, as if in a dream, my all-time favorite dark, brooding Latino actor: Javier Bardem! And he played a cruel Mexican drug lord--Swoon! Huzzah! I had no idea he was in that movie. Is it a secret or am I just out of the loop? What a delightful shock. When are the French going to make me a Javier Bardem doll, huh? When? What about my needs?

    But I digress.

    Here's an example of the "Dynasty" dolls:

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    To see more examples of freaky French dolls, go:

  • HERE!

  • Be sure to look around. Liz Taylor in her "Cleopatra" costume, Groucho Marx, and three different John Waynes are waiting for you somewhere in doll limbo! (Shuddder.)

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