Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Larger Than Life!

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Today's "Sites to See" don't have much to do with celebs--unless you count the "World's Largest Killer Bee" in Hidalgo, Texas a star, which I do--but I have an affinity for gigantic fake jackalopes, peanuts, chairs, wigwams, donuts, etc. and this site is full of 'em!

I am especially fond of "programmatic architecture," the fancy name given to buildings that look like what they sell--in Bakersfield, California there is a shoe repair shop inside a giant shoe; in Los Angeles there used to be tons of great examples, like the camera shop inside a neon-trimmed camera on Wilshire Boulevard (the front door was inside the lens!), which was an Indian restaurant when I lived there in the '80s; the famous Tail o' the Pup hotdog; Randy's Donuts (seen in many movies), etc., and although many have been torn down, there is a fight by some conservationists to preserve what remains.

There are also some wonderful pictures of what is sometimes called "roadside vernacular" architecture at Roadside Peek. Check out the sections on neon signs, motels, and roadside icons--which includes the giant artichoke in Castroville, CA, one of my all-time faves! But do yourself a favor and look around the entire site, because it is bursting at the seams with treats for the eye!

To see some great photos of "larger than life" objects in Texas, go here. Everything really is bigger in Texas!
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Anonymous said...

I believe that's a new coat of paint on Seguin's pecan!