Sunday, March 06, 2005

A Grateful Nation Turns Its Weary Eyes to Amy Lumet's Amazing Fake Boobs

Thanks, Steve T., for the link that led Felt Up to this be-yu-tiful shot of the much-sought-after Amy Lumet and her incredible implant-enhanced cleavage:

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Now I can rest easy, content with knowing that I have done my job--providing internet booby-seeking gawkers an eyeful of that silliconed rack.

Note how much older her face is, compared to the previous pictures (see yesterday's post), while her bazooms have grown and grown! The miracle of science has worked wonders with Lena Horne's grandchild's tatas!

Just a tip: Try to avert your eyes from Sharon Osbourne's contorted visage, however; she seems to be turning into a powerful witch and her squinty eyes may contain some kind of powerful Wiccan curse.

And poor tastefully covered-up Jenny Lumet is so attractive, but always the boob-maid, never the bride...


Anonymous said...

If McCain did her as the rumors are speculating, then wow, good for him!

She's so hot! I've found other pics of her around the web, and she is SMOKIN' HOT!

McCain is just a regular guy, and if he's confronted with temptation such as this, well a regular guy can make a mistake.

No one's perfect. Except, of course, Our Dear Leader Obama. He's Perfect and he will re-make the entire world in his Perfect Image.

But as Obama The One goes about re-creating the universe, I hope he doesn't interfere with Amy's cleavage, because those breasts are truly perfect and divine.

More Amy pics:

Housing Affordability said...

um, wasn't there a lot of fuss about Bill Clinton's relationship with an intern that was impeachment material -- by a group of feral Republicans? I thought the Republicans demanded 'moral perfection' -- well, I guess you've got it in Obama, reggie, just like you say.

Funny how the logic is turned around again and again by the Republicans, which of course is not really illogical -- because the main aim is of course to get and keep all the money...