Monday, March 28, 2005

For The Love of God, Please Get Yer Freak On

Huzzah! Missy Elliot and Eva "America's Next Top Model" Pigford may be an item!

Or maybe not. Mona "My Ever-Changing Wigs" Scott, who manages both Missy and Eva and was the host of Missy's highly-addictive reality show "The Road to Stardom," denies it, naturally. Damn you, Mona! Damn you straight to hell!

From the NY Daily News:
Missy Elliott's rep is firing back at rumors the rapper is more than just friends with beautiful "America's Next Top Model" winner Eva Pigford.

"[Syndicated radio host] Wendy Williams has basically linked all of my clients together," says Mona Scott, who manages both Elliott and Pigford. "She's a gossip-monger and does this stuff for ratings and so listeners will tune in."

Our spy sat near the rapper and the model at the Beacon Theater during a recent performance of "Madea Goes to Jail."

"Missy kept scolding her, and Eva kept apologizing for things," laughs the snitch. "Missy told her to get her feet off the chair, and Eva was like, 'I'm sorry, babe.' Missy also told her not to sign any more autographs and to just chill."

Says Scott, "I was there for all of these events, and it was basically me taking two clients out."

Oh, Mona. Mona, Mona, Mona. You can make as many statements as you want to the contrary, but Missy and Eva's love will not be denied! I won't let it! It's too wonderful! They could be our new black, lesbian Brad-n-Jen! We are a nation at war, we need something to give us hope, Mona, something to believe in. Something beautiful and pure, like a single, lime-green lollipop shared between two lovebirds.

Even better: A Mona-Eva-Missy love triangle!

OK, forget the patriotic crap. What about me? What about my needs?


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