Thursday, March 03, 2005


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Today's CNN coverage of the Michael Jackson child molestation case contained this ultra-yucky description of MJ's boudoir, which jurors saw in a video taken by the sheriff's department to show what Neverland looked like before a search warrant was executed (ie, before MJ's handlers could redecorate with manly football trophies and regular-guy Budweiser paraphernalia):

Among the items that could be seen in the video: A life-sized male doll dressed in a Boy Scout uniform and an ornate red-and-gold throne-like chair in a hallway on which a male doll sat with his hands on his hips.

A framed print of the Last Supper hung over his bed. Two framed pictures of Elizabeth Taylor decorated the bathroom...

The video showed the house cluttered with shoe boxes, books and a variety of objects stacked on the floors. Though the house has a country flavor on the outside, the deor in the entrance hall was highly ornate.

The master bedroom, which had a keypad to control entry, was at the end of a hallway. Inside were a crib and several large cardboard cutouts, including one of child star Shirley Temple and another showing two toddlers kissing.

A photo illustration showing Jackson with a cherub was on top of a piano in an adjacent sitting area, where a number a rag dolls were also perched. There was also a small red wagon in the room.

Jurors were also shown a room that prosecutors referred to as the "doll room," which featured hundreds of dolls -- a number of them life-sized -- along with a doll house, a doll bed and an elaborate crib.

Another room, dubbed the "toy room" by prosecutors, was filled with life-sized toys based on movie characters, including Batman and C-3PO and Darth Vader from "Star Wars." Life-sized heads of Pinocchio and his puppet-master, Giupetto, sat on top of a cabinet.

All together now: EWWWWWW! For some reason, the thing that creeps me out the most--even knowing that the man has chimps, a miniature amusement park, The Elephant Man, a hyperbaric chamber, and Boy Scout-dressed mannequins on his property--is the little red wagon. In a room full of rag dolls. This image is going to haunt my dreams! AAAAAAAH!

But I have to say that that toy room doesn't actually seem too bad. It sounds kind of like Chepo's room. Except for the life-size Pinocchio and Giupetto heads, of course.

I keed, I keed! My boyfriend doesn't have life-sized C-3PO or Darth Vader toys in his bedroom! That's preposterous! They're way too expensive! And they don't build spice racks big enough to display 'em! Duh.

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Anonymous said...

That is totally horrifying!

I also find it horrifying that it's been 24 hours and still no Project Runway summary! ~ Spare E