Wednesday, February 09, 2005

You asked for it, you got it: Developing non-news in the Doomed Doherty/Moss Affair!

It seems that Pete was arrested last week on "blackmail and burglary" charges. Filter Magazine reports that:

"Doherty was arrested after allegedly attacking documentarian Max Carlish in a hotel room in the suburbs of London. Carlish, who recently sold pictures of the troubled rocker using heroin to British tabloids, was taken to the hospital and treated for a broken nose and two black eyes.

Doherty allegedly assaulted Carlish when the filmmaker refused to hand over money on demand.

Pete Doherty was convicted of theft in 2003 when he burglarized the house of then band-mate, Libertines guitarist Carl Barat.

Doherty, who is said to be dating supermodel Kate Moss, was kicked out of the Liertines for excess drug use. The singer was scheduled to start work on an album with his newly formed band, the Babyshambles February 3.

Max Carlish refused to press charges, But Doherty was summoned to Highbury Corner Magistrates Court on charges of blackmail and robbery."

But never fear! The love of a pretty, though possibly evil, waif-like woman may save the day in the end, with extra emphasis on the word "may"! For just today we have this follow-up from

"Pete Doherty was released last night from Pentonville prison and has said he wants to sort his life out.

The former Libertines singer spoke to UK tabloid The Sun telling them he did not remember too much about the night and says he was actually waiting for Kate Moss to join him for a romantic night out before things took a bad turn.

'The next thing I can remember is doing cold turkey in a vomit-filled cell. It was supposed to have been a great night,' he told the paper.

On his time in jail he added: 'I felt like crying but the thought of Kate on the outside kept me going.'

His bail conditions include a 10PM to 7AM curfew, he must begin a rehabilitation program for his heroin and crack addition and he must not go outside without his manager and security guard.

He finished by saying: 'I'm going to stay clean. I'm determined to do it for Kate and my mum, the two women I love. Everyone has been telling me for months but I wouldn't listen. This is the shock I needed.'

The singer is due back in court later this month to answer the charges of robbery and blackmail."

Awwww! He loves Kate and his mum! That is very sweet. Well, the part about loving his mum is sweet. Mainly just the word "mum," that kills me every time. Or when a Scottish person says "wee," that's got a lot of charm as well. But I digress.

Will the love of his mum and a churlish ex-supermodel be enough for Pete to clean up his act? Is it Babyshambles or The Babyshambles? Only time will tell! Stay tuned!

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