Wednesday, February 16, 2005

What an exciting Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show it was last night! There was tons of drama, as a darkhouse came from behind with an astounding display of showmanship to snatch the title Best in Show from veritable shoe-in Coco! It was an emotional rollercoaster!

The winner was Carlee, a German Shorthaired Pointer. Terri R. and I at first were not impressed with Carlee, simply because the dog was not all that beautiful or interesting-looking...then came the final judging, and Carlee wowed us--and the judge!--with her incredible rock star attitude and demeanor. That dog worked her show, baby! She deserved to win!

The best part about the Best in Show judging was all the Beatlemania-type screaming and yelling that went on from the stands of Madison Square Garden. People were shrieking "Great Pyrenees!" or whatever breed they wanted to win, or just plain "AAAAAAAAAH!" It mirrored what was going on chez Terri, let me tell you...

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Carlee, 2005 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Best in Show! AAAAAAAH! CAAAAARRRRLY!

Naturally, this upset meant that Coco, the dazzling Norfolk Terrier who wowed us all at last year's Westminster, lost yet again. This little dog, the same kind shown by Eugene Levy's character in Christopher Guest's "Best in Show," is a superstar! So silly-looking, yet posesssing a magical ability to captivate the crowd with her prancing and posing! It was a shame that Coco lost again, but it really was her show to lose and Carlee simply performed better. I know that is a controversial statement, but I stand by it! I am entitled to my opinion!

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Coco! Wooooooo! WOOOOOOOOOO! COCO!

Now, for personal reasons, I present the winner of the Best of Breed, Welsh Pembroke Corgi division:

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Didn't win the Herding Group, and I can't say that I was surprised. Certain Corgis who shall remain nameless are much better looking and full of charm! I did scream every single time there was even a tiny glimpse of the Corgi, though, I must admit. I am, after all, not made of stone. And the video of a Corgi herding sheep in Wales--well, you can imagine.

But all was not happiness and sunshine, people! Reality TV needs its villains, and Westminster is no exception. The Wendy Pepper of the Best in Show competition was without a doubt...The Pekenese. This ridiculous ball of fluff was way too over-the-top. Just look at it!

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Maybe it was striking a killer pose under there--who knows? The thing could barely walk! I just prefer a dog to look like a dog, not an Ewok reject from "Return of the Jedi." And to paraphrase Jay McCarroll, you'd think that for the final challenge she could have put on a little lipstick! Thank god this dog didn't win, there would have been rioting at a certain apartment complex in A-Town!

All in all, a swell show. The best line: The Best in Show judge lady saying about Carlee, "this bitch had it all perfect." Hee hee! Don't forget tonight it's the everyone-gang-up-on-Wendy episode of "Project Runway", hurrah!

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Anonymous said...

I could watch the corgi herd the sheep all day. Its so fun to watch. I do agree that Bugsy is better looking that the corgi they chose, but I think he would have a heart attack amongst all the lights and dogs.