Thursday, February 24, 2005

Wendy Pepper Has Lost Her Mind

Apparently losing "Project Runway" has pushed loathed contestant Wendy Pepper over the edge. On her web page she is selling some items from her Olympus Fashion Week runway show...such as this little ensemble, which is the first of a series she will produce:

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The outfit isn't terrible, although I've never been a fan of ruching--ne flatter pas, as I like to say--and that top is ruched to within an inch of its life. But that's neither here nor there. The true outrage comes from the price.

Now, I know that these are hand-made items, made of silk and leather. And they were designed and produced by a "Project Runway" finalist--a widely despised finalist who wore a "Wendy Pepper--The Longshot" baseball cap and whose work was called "farty" by Michael Kors--but a finalist nonetheless. So...what would you pay to wear an original from the House of Pepper? Would you pay...$150 for the ruched silk top and $250 for the leather skirt? Well, then how about $400 for the top, and $600 for the skirt? Still thinking about it? Keep thinking, because each of these numbers is priced at $750, or $1,500 for the whole outfit.

Just digest that for a bit.

OK. Now, I hate a cheapskate more than anyone will ever know, but girlfriend has taken leave of her senses! Even though I'm a rube who lives in the sticks, I suppose I could see $1,500 for a fancy dress, maybe, or a coat; but a shirt and skirt that everyone I know would assume came from the thrift? Thanks, but no thanks, Wendy Pepper! What do I know, though? There's no such thing as bad publicity, so maybe she'll make a killing.

What I want to know is: When do we get to see the "Jay McCarroll for Target" line?

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