Friday, February 11, 2005

Well, I just can't shake off the "Project Runway" blues, the post-Austin-lost-to-Wendy doldrums. I am adrift. Lost. I find myself wandering around the Internets, looking for any old cheap lipgloss to take the edge off, slinking around sleazy chatrooms and message boards, trying to get an Austin Scarlett fix to take the pain away...

In this sadsack spirit, I present some tidbits gleaned from Bravo's official "Project Runway" site, such as: Guess whose Grammy dress got the highest rating from site visitors? Uh-huh, that's right: Austin's. And just who do you think got the lowest score? Yes, indeedy, that talentless, lipless, friendless biyatch Wendy Pepper!

Also on the site are some thoughts on last night's episode from ghoulish-but-oddly-prescient Parsons go-between Tim Gunn:

"Austin is OUT. I share the dismay and forlornness of our viewers and readers, but Austin's elimination was inevitable. He hasn't listened to the broad strokes of most of the challenges, let alone the nuances. He has a vision that he is loathe to compromise, a characteristic laudable in theory but risky in practice. Let's reflect: Sarah Hudson, the wedding dress, 2055, the USPS uniform. Viewed in the context of the challenges, each of those designs is decidedly off-mark. So, with this similarly off-mark solution to the 9th challenge, our judges had simply had enough.

I have the highest respect for Austin's vision and his tenacious pursuit of excellence, but I must confess my own frustration when I would see a stunning design that didn't solve the brief. As much as I tried to offer him feedback and guidance, Austin resisted in favor of his mind's eye. Reviewed in isolation, Austin's design for Nancy O'Dell could be seen as being very beautiful; a rich dessert of a dress which Martinique waltzed down the runway to perfection. Reviewed in context, it neither met the guidelines of Nancy O'Dell's design brief nor the parameters of the event. 'It's the Grammys, not the Oscars.' Austin, how many times was that repeated to you? You'll be missed by all."

Harrumph. I don't agree that Austin's dismissal was "inevitable." Why, his cornhusk dress design has already been shortlisted for permanent esconcement in the National Costume Museum! Also: Nancy O'Dell is a tacky, skanky idiot. How the host of "Access Hollywood" got to wield so much power over the lives of these designers is a total mystery to me. If she hadn't picked Wendy's hideous orange befeathered outfit, then Austin would still be in! I thought it was a terrible miscarriage of justice to ignore Austin's body of work and make it all rest on this one challenge. Wendy's body of work is just not of the same high caliber as Austin's!


If you would like to wallow in misery like me, you might as well go check out the "Project Runway" website:

  • HERE!

  • In the meantime, look at loathsome Wendy:

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    And I thought she looked bad without makeup!

    Now look at my beloved Austin:

    Image Hosted by

    Oh, how we shall miss you, my Nick-Rhodes-meets-Yves-St.-Laurent genius of the gloss. We shall surely miss you, but hopefully not for long.

    Now it's back to the tawdry virtual taverns, rubbing up against any Tom, Dick, or Harry with an Austin sighting or tale to tell.


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    Is Wendy a man?

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