Wednesday, February 09, 2005

There is some controversy brewing amongst the Felt Up Nation about just how big a jackass Johnny Knoxville is (see previous post for the story). To wit: This missive from Terri R., who writes:

"I think I heard a long time ago that Johnny Knoxville had left his wife for someone famous (seriously, I thought it was Kate Moss, but I'm sure I'm wrong), so I think he's been single for a while. But maybe I'm just making things up? I could have sworn I heard that. Of course, he's still a jackass. Cute, though. I can't blame Lindsay for tapping that ass."

I had heard the Kate Moss rumor (my, how that frail waify lil' thing gets around, eh?); however, my feeling was always that he was just messin' around on his wife. I have simply never heard tell that he actually got divorced. Maybe they have an open marriage? Are swingers? Or she's just given up trying to curb his various appetites?

Repeated searches on the Internets, including the "official" Johnny Knoxville site, his IMDB profile, and numerous Googles, turned up nothing but repeated mentions that "he is still married" to wife Melanie (who is from Texas, by the way, holla!).

If you can find any mention of Johnny Knoxville being divorced or separated from his wife, please forward to your humble, not to mention inquisitive, Felt Up blogette!

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