Tuesday, February 15, 2005

There are some interesting rumblings on the Internets about the possibility that Jay McCarroll, everyone's (and by "everyone's", I mean "my") favorite "Project Runway" personality may have...well. Oh, hell. I guess I'll stop here because some weirdos out there don't like spoilers and get all freaked-out by them for some reason. What about "possible" spoilers, though? What's the protocol on those, eh? Oh, whatever. Read the following or don't! It's just gossip! And frankly, I don't care who wins the damn show as long as it's not heinous Wendy Pepper!

From Gawker.com:

"While we’re waiting for the February 23rd finale of Bravo’s Project Runway, we thought we’d dangle a possible spoiler-on-a-stick in front of your hungry mouths. After the series’ winner was decided during a hush-hush fashion show last week, a Gawker operative, firmly planted backstage, overheard “wild card” finalist Jay utter the following choice tidbit:

“I just don’t want to be creatively raped, you know?”

Hmm. What an interesting comment, given that the winner of Project Runway receives a mentorship from Banana Republic. We’re just sayin’."

And I'm just sayin' that I took a gander at the "Project Runway" product line, as is my wont, and found a suspicioulsy large number of Jay items for sale, such as:

"Hand made cotton canvas cuffs with circles of various colors and fabric combinations. Back of cuff is lined in cotton with a velcro closure. If you love Jay...you'll love this concept!"

Oh, and I do love Jay, and I do love this concept! Only $24 and you get something hand-made--by who? Jay himself? Kathy Lee's retired child laborers? Bravo is not very specific about whose hands, exactly, are making the cuffs...There's also Jay t-shirts, and Jay tote bags, and...me wantie!

There are some Kara underpants, but the majority of the products are Jay's. Is it a sign? Or are they messin' with our minds, man?

To check out the line, go:

  • HERE!

  • I wear a size medium t-shirt, by the way. Just FYI.

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