Friday, February 04, 2005

Remember the post from way back, in the good old days before Brad and Jen broke up, about Britney Spears directing her own video, in preparation for her glorious, Oscar-bound new role as Auteur? Well, an eagle-eyed reader sent in a link to the video so you can see Brit's handiwork in all its skankalicious glory. Here's the email that came with the link; I'm putting it up because it proves that Felt Up readers are a) loyal, b) hilarious, and c) snarky--in other words, my kind of people:

"Thought you might want to see the suck-tastic-ness of Britney Spear's new video.  I have no excuse for watching it myself--although it resulted less in humor and more in pure amazement as to how her manager or handler or agent or husband or puppies could stand by while she makes such a fool of herself. 
Tough decision for you: which is worse, the song or the video?
Fun game: Drink every time Britney touches her hair for lack of an actual dance
Enjoy (though, not on a full stomach)
-A blog fan"

To see the video, go

  • HERE!

  • and click on the "Do Somethin" video. No, that's not a typo, Britney forgot to put the apostrophe at the end of somethin'--I guess grammar ain't part of her "vision" for her new directin' career, ya'll!

    Alas, I cannot view the video yet because it will not play on a Mac. How sad is that? Once again, my life is an O. Henry story come to life; that is, if O. Henry had been alive to write in the age of the Internets and Kevin Federline. I am hoping for some first-hand accounts from the Felt Up Army, though! Yay, go forth, ye faithful, and cast thine eyes upon the wanton woman, and weep...then tell me what you saw in an e-mail, pronto!

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