Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Remember on last week's "Project Runway" get-together show, they kept referring to a nasty interview that evil English lady Vanessa did that pissed everyone off? Well, I found the interview! It's on the PopGurls website and is rather long, and in it Vanessa the Dressa keeps acting like living in Houston, TX is a fate worse than death--which it is, but who forced her to live there, I ask? Was she kidnapped by white slavers? She mentions it constantly. She also snarks on Heidi Klum (who apparently never spoke to the contestants); says that she, Vanessa, was the only one with real experience; acts very pompous while repeatedly saying how fun and hilarious she is; and complains bitterly about the unfairness of the whole reality show format, especially the fact that the camera made her into a poster child for plus-sized women in fashion--which was so very, very wrong because in real-life she is a svelte swan. Yeah, yeah Vanessa. Let's get this straight: You're a skinny underappreciated genius haute couturier laugh riot who has been cruelly imprisoned in Houston, where you are surrounded by rubes and phillistines. Uh huh.

The funniest part is when she says how popular she was while she was a contestant:

"I stayed in touch with people. In fact, I think that I'm one of everyone's favorites. I mean, everybody likes me - I don't have any problem with anyone. The one person I don't think I like very much NOW, because I've heard so much stupid shit about her, and plus I think she has no business being a fashion designer, is Wendy. We're set to have a reunion show and meet up with everybody; I'm not looking forward to seeing her."

HA! How ironic, given that on the reunion show Jay asks Vanessa why she "has no soul" right before she storms off in a hissy huff. She came off even worse than Wendy--no small feat!

To read the whole interview, go:

  • HERE!

  • Wendy has her own website up, too, if anyone's interested. She blathers on about episode 9 and how she didn't steal Kara Saun's orange fabric. We have eyes, Wendy Pepper! We have eyes.

    If you want to see horrible Wendy's website, go:

  • HERE!

  • Terri R. and I were talking tonight about what we would do if Wendy wins...after finishing one last s'more, I am pretty sure I will riot in the street in solidarity with my male gay brethren, who will have already burned Wendy in effigy; then cry bitter, bitter tears and shake my fists at an unknowing, uncaring God. I hope it doesn't come to that, though. There's already been one tragic, disastrous electoral victory this year; haven't we suffered enough?

    And I am just going to say it, right here, right now. Even though Kara Saun has been brilliant throughout the show, and I really like both her and her designs, I think Jay McCarroll is going to win. It's just something I need to believe in, people!

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