Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The NY Times has a favorable take on "Project Runway," and the piece ends with this interesting preview of tomorrow night's confrontational pre-finale episode:

"And just as every reality show has its Omarosa, on 'Runway' everybody loves to hate Wendy, 39, a mother and dress designer from Middleburg, Va., who conceals a killer's cunning behind glasses and a homebody hairstyle. In next week's finale the three finalists, Jay, Kara and Wendy, show their collections during New York Fashion Week (the eventual winner will get, among other things, $100,000 in seed money). Tonight, as a warm-up to the finale, eliminated designers are brought back to reminisce and confront. Wendy, suddenly glamorous with newly dyed hair and no glasses, bears the brunt.

'We were all really nice to you because we felt sorry for you because you're such a terrible designer and like, a mother of however many children and you live in the middle of wherever,' Vanessa, 34, a Englishwoman with a loose upper lip, wails. 'And you just stepped on every one of us.'

Jay and Kara are more talented and far more pleasant, and they deserved to be finalists. 'Project Runway' is what fashion should be and so often is not: naughty, but also sometimes nice."

Heh. Vanessa was kind of annoying, but I may have to re-evaluate my opinion of her given that brilliantly bitchy comment. And note: Even the NY Times hates Wendy!

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