Monday, February 14, 2005

More Valentine's romance! CNN is reporting that everyone's favorite convicted child rapist is headed to the hitchin' post--with her lovah!

"Mary Kay Letourneau plans to marry the former sixth-grade pupil with whom she had two children, months after her release from prison for raping him, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported, citing an online bridal registry.

Letourneau, 43, and Vili Fualaau, 22, set a wedding date of April 16, according to their registry at a department store. Letourneau served 7 1/2 years on a 1997 conviction for raping Fualaau, who has said in the past that he hoped to wed his former teacher.

'It's been long overdue,' Noel Soriano, a friend of the couple, told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in a story published Monday. 'It's going to be fabulous, seeing them get hitched finally.'

A lawyer for Fualaau and a friend of Letourneau did not immediately return calls Monday seeking further comment.

Letourneau was a 34-year-old married mother of four when she began a sexual relationship with her then-12-year-old elementary school student in 1996. She was pregnant with Fualaau's first child when she was arrested in 1997 and ordered to serve a six-month sentence for second-degree child rape.

One month after she was released, Letourneau was caught having sex with Fualaau in her car. She pleaded guilty in 1997 to two charges of child rape, and gave birth to the couple's second daughter while serving her 7 1/2-year sentence. Fualaau's mother is raising their two daughters, aged 6 and 7.

Shortly after Letourneau was released from prison last August, the pair successfully petitioned a judge to lift a no-contact order that had barred them from seeing each other.

Soriano said Fualaau proposed last fall, but the couple has been trying to keep wedding details a secret. Details are yet to be completed, but plans call for their daughters to be flower girls, he said.

'They have gone through a lot," Soriano said. "That they lasted this long proves how strong their love is.'"

Mary Kay was kind of ahead of her time with her forbidden/illegal love affair, wasn't she? Kind of a trail-blazer. What is it with all these crazy lady teachers doin' it with their 'tween students? It's practically an epidemic! Is the dating scene even worse than I thought? Has it really come to this? Can't they just stay home and watch the Oxygen Network and eat bon-bons and cry their eyes out like normal women? I just find it very, very odd.

I wanted to make some kind of joke about this story of enduring love giving new meaning to the term "baby daddy," ie babies-having-babies or somethin' like that, but my heart's just not in it...bah humbug! Mary Kay depresses me. I need cheering up! More drug-induced seizures, stat!

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