Saturday, February 19, 2005

I never knew it, but I have a long-lost relative. Yes, thanks to my daily fix of, I found out there is a virtual Felt Up doppelganger blog in NYC called Cityrag, which is sort of a big city version of its lowly country bumpkin cousin!

There's celeb gossip, the odd dog show coverage, some good-natured snark, and--eeriest of all--the person doing the blog dotes on a corgi-chihuahua mix named Buddy! Corgis and gossip blogs apparently go hand-in-hand! Who knew? Check out the blog:

  • HERE!

  • And dog lovers should definitely peruse the Buddy the Wonderdog archives:

  • HERE!

  • Warning: Felt Up is not responsible for cute-attacks after viewing the French bulldog puppies' photo!

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