Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I just got a hot tip from GossipList that She Who Shall Not Be Named's Hackgate nightmare is not yet over! Apparently, now dumbass' voicemail has been hacked into and posted on the internets:
Someone hacked Paris' voice mail and posted an mp3 with all the messages on it. The mp3 has messages from two guys who want to 'hook up', one of those guys calls her the day after they hooked up and says,'Last night was great, when can we f*ck again?'

There's also a message from her lawyer about the incident where Paris stole a copy of her porn tape from a West Hollywood magazine booth. Her uncle Stan also calls her twice and asks her to call him because he needs to 'ask her something'. In the second message, he's practically begging her to call him back.

Nick Carter also leaves Paris a message, as does Egglintina (the chick she is kissing in the photos). The lawyer calls her back and tells her that the DA will not be pressing charges over Paris' newsstand theft and congratulates her on it.

What a skanky little group of messages, eh? Lawyers, "hook-ups," uncles, Nick Carter--it's a veritable rogues' gallery! That's hott.

There have been some rumors floating around that P-Hole masterminded this whole thing herself, because she'd gone about five minutes without a new scandal to get her all over the news. So she's either really smart, or she's really, really know which one I'm votin' for. Bleh!

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chepo said...

I got this mp3. Woohoo. It's pretty dull. The call to Ashley Olsen is pretty good though.