Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I am too shell-shocked by tonight's "Project Runway" elimination to form coherent thoughts about it, but I am glad, at least, to see that I wasn't crazy when I told my viewing party buddies that all four--not three--finalists presented collections during fashion week. From the Associated Press:

"The four finalists on Bravo's fashion reality show, 'Project Runway,' staged presentations on the same catwalk used by Richard Tyler and Joseph Abboud during New York Fashion Week.

But before the first model stepped onto the runway Friday, supermodel-host Heidi Klum explained that only three of the four aspiring designers would be seen when the show's finale airs Feb. 23.

Klum didn't want the media to be the spoiler for next week's episode, during which one of the four — Jay McCarroll, Wendy Pepper, Austin Scarlett and Kara Saun — will be sent packing. 'Project Runway' airs on Wednesday nights.

McCarroll's 'stereotype' collection, which featured models wearing headphones dyed to match their outfits, seemed to be the favorite of fashion fans in the audience.

The flamboyant 29-year-old from Lehman, Pa., showed a gold quilted wrap with a gold sequined skirt with a patchwork applique and a turquoise cardigan with an oversized collar, a wood bead chestpiece, an obi belt and a miniskirt paired with leggings.

'I hate to pick favorites, but Jay's collection was far and away the best,' said Carson Kressley, the fashion expert on 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.' 'A fashion show is all about point of view. ... His show told a story.'

Pepper, 39, from Middleburg, Va., explained that her collection was inspired by the annual rite of the harvest. Her looks included a brown cashmere cocktail dress with lace trim and a green charmeuse evening dress with darker green feathers at the bust.

When it was Scarlett's turn, models strutted to a jazzed-up version of 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' in Americana clothes, such as a tweed day dress with fringe and buttons, a matching bolero jacket and ruffled front blouse.

The 23-year-old from Eugene, Ore., said the clothes were made with a patriotic theme: 'Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.'

Saun, 37, who describes her hometown as 'the world,' created a collection that embraces the things she loves most: luxury, sexiness, strength and passion.

Her designs included a fuchsia cracked patent leather aviator jacket with rust chinchilla trim and a white double-silk gown with a plunging V front, a jeweled buckle and fox fur wrap..."

Well, at least all four got to present their work to the assembled press and fashionistas. I am still aghast about tonight's show, however. Oh, Austin! A "Yankee Doodle Dandy" theme from a man in lipgloss! Sigh...


Anonymous said...

Just got the Project Runway update from Rio. I'm devastated.

Of course, Rio is pure genuis with her suggestion that what we really need is a new Gay Odd Couple show featuring Austin and Jay. Brilliant!! What better way to let the healing begin.

- Spare E

Anonymous said...

Dearest Jennifer,
You cannot know the utter devestation I felt as my beloved Austin Scarlett was eliminated last night from Project Runway. He is just a sewing master and a real retro-glamour wunderkind....what were those assbitches thinking, keeping frumpaholic Wendy? I hate her. I hate hate hate her. I even sent an email to Bravo to inform them of these views. How can I find Austin's mailing address so that I might send him a letter of condolence? I love him. He can make me a dress any day. Let us pray that he and Jay do make tv together as they are both brilliant personalities that engage me as a viewer. Still sad.....Kerri