Monday, February 21, 2005

Hotcha! The Sidekick of She Who Shall Not Be Named Except This One Time, I Promise AKA Paris Hilton was hacked into and posted on the Internets today!

Paris has quite a lengthy little black digital book at her disposal; Fred Durst, Luke Wilson, Andy Riddick, and Eminem are among the many, many manwhores whose private, personal telephone numbers are now listed online for all the world to see, and hopefully, prank call. Also in her PDA are some numbers of tanning booth joints; various LA and NYC night clubs; and fancy-pants sushi restaurants. Yes, everything you thought was part of Paris' full and rich intellectual life is all here! Plus a lot of text messages that are chillingly shallow, start with the salutation "Bitch!" and are a tad hard to understand (I don't speak Sidekick-ese. Or Hilton-ese, for that matter, thank God).

I hope all of her famous friends are pissed that Miss Dumbass allowed their numbers to get splashed all over the Internets. She needs to be socially and professionally blacklisted, and pronto. Hurry, Hollywood! HURRY!

The Drudge Report is saying that the FBI has gotten involved; so far, the page I viewed (thanks Juan! thanks Chepo!) is still up and still showin' the names-n-numbers. Email me if you want to see the page; I don't need the federal fuzz on my back, man!


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