Friday, February 11, 2005

Hey, Terri R.! Remember when we were talking about Serena Williams, as we are wont to do from time to time, and you said you thought she was dating someone semi-famous? It's Brett Ratner, the auteur responsible for "Rush Hour"s 1, 2, and, soon enough, 3! A reference to the power couple popped up in today's Page Six lead story about Sean Connery being all ornery and picky when it comes to new movie roles.

Also in Page Six, way too much information from a slutty barely-legal model (is there any other kind?) about her orgy with Usher:

"Looks like Usher is well and truly over his split with Naomi Campbell. The hunky singer was recently involved in a sixsome at the Sanderson hotel in London, says model Joanna Bond, 19. When she walked into the star's room she found "three men and three women interlocked on the bed," Britain's News of the World reports. Bond, who said she was "powerless to resist," added, "He has a fantastic body. He obviously works very hard at it and is very proud of it. His six-pack was amazing. And he's impressively built where it matters, too."

I guess the sexual math sounds about right: Three men + four women (including the dirty young model after she flung herself into the pile) = One Naomi Campbell.

And the NY Daily News' Lowdown column had this super-special item about everyone's favorite "Surreal Life" alumni, Flava Flav and Brigitte Nielsen:

"Television crews for VH1's reality show 'Strange Love' - which chronicles the unlikely romance between Public Enemy rapper Flavor Flav and '80s glamazon Brigitte Nielsen - missed quite a dramatic scene Wednesday.

Lowdown hears the 6-foot-2 Nielsen suffered a severe asthma attack and was rushed to a nearby hospital - but not without some heroics by her pint-size TV boyfriend and co-star.

We're told that as Nielsen, 41, was driving through the Gramercy Park neighborhood with Flav, 45, and her manager, she apparently started to hyperventilate.

According to a Lowdown spy, 'Flav suddenly jumped out in the middle of the street and ran between moving traffic to flag down an ambulance across the way. He was just so freaked out. Paramedics ran over and put her on an IV and some sort of breathing mask, and took her off on a stretcher.'

Of course, what's a little medical emergency if not a PR opportunity: While the EMTs tended to Nielsen, 'Flav was on crowd control, shaking hands and signing autographs,' says the spy.

The Danish beauty - who's been married four times, most notably to Sly Stallone, and is currently engaged to yet another diminutive guy, 5-foot-6 Italian bartender Mattia Dessi - was in the hospital undergoing tests and awaiting further diagnosis."

Does anyone else think it's odd that Flav, Brigitte, and her manager were driving in a car together, with no VH1 film crew in tow, and yet the spy for the NY Daily News happened to see the whole thing? Was the spy in the car with them (ie, the manager)? In the trunk of the car? Following in another car right behind them? I find the whole "spy" thing fascinating, for some reason. Maybe because I want to develop and nurture my own personal spy network to do the dirty work for Felt Up. Is that too much to ask for? My needs are simple, people!

Oh, and how cute is it that Flava risked his life for his beloved 'Gitte? And how adorable that he signed autographs as the EMT's tried valiantly to find a gurney long enough for 'Gitte and a gag to make her stop her drunken rambling (I'm assuming)? Oh, love is indeed strange...

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if the EMTs gave Flav a hard time for "911 Is A Joke?"