Sunday, February 20, 2005

For some time now, I have been semi-obsessed with Ms. E.G. "Elizabeth" Daily, who most (old) people probably remember as Dottie, Pee-Wee's girlfriend in "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure," or as Loryn, the slutty friend in "Valley Girl."

I'm not sure, exactly, why it is that I am so interested in her career; maybe it's because she has left her mark all over the pop culture landscape, and yet is largely unknown. Maybe it's...her spunk! Her moxie! Her crazy little girl/chipmunk voice! She has been in everything from "Lavern and Shirley" to "CHiPs," was the voice of Babe in the second "Babe" movie, has been on "Fame" and "Friends," and even had a small part in "Ladies and Gentlemen The Fabulouse Stains." She is everywhere! But what I love most about E.G. is her constant, never-ending drive--she has tried everything to make it big! Acting, singing, dancing, voiceovers--you name it, she's tried it. When the acting didn't pan out, she made a serious attempt at a pop music career (her band was playing at the dance in "Better Off Dead"), releasing two albums. That didn't really work out, either. So E.G. moved into voiceovers! She does a flourishing business voicing characters on "Rugrats" and "The Powerpuff Girls," among many other shows and movies.

Best of all, E.G.'s personal life is rife with tragedy, drama, and scandal--it is a tabloid-lover's dream! Luckily, she has incorporated it all into her current project, a one-woman "autobiographical musical" called "Listen Closely." (Oh, Lord, please hear my plea, that some day, I, too, might star in my own one-woman autobiographical musical. It will be called "Huzzah!" and will make you laugh, yes, and cry, too, but mainly applaud, especially when you see my daring innovations in jazz dance. Some day...Yes, some sweet day.)

Will someone please fly me to L.A. so I can see this show? Please?

Here's a review I found on Although it's not so much a "review" as a love letter to E.G., of which I heartily approve:
E. G. Daily grew up in a big but troubled family in a big house with a menagerie of ducks, chickens, dogs and a goat in the backyard. Early success in TV, film and music put her in the fast lane and she had liaisons with dozens of men (and three women). A blissful romance with Jon-Erik Hexum of the TV series “Voyagers” ended when he accidentally inflicted a mortal wound to himself with a prop gun. She was later dazzled by a rocker with a penchant for masochism. Still later, she married boxer and high-rolling gambler Rick Salomon, who abandoned her to first star in an infamous and globally-distributed sex video with Paris Hilton and then suddenly marry Shannon Doherty.

Ms. Daily survived it all just fine, thank you, and she is thriving, as her new show will affirm. Graced with a pretty face and an alluring figure, it is her voice that is currently her fortune, as she is a much-sought-after voice-over talent and the voice of Buttercup of the Power Puff Girls and Tommy Pickles of Rugrats...

She appears in two upcoming films, “The Devil’s Rejects” (directed by Rob Zombie) and “National Lampoon’s Pledge This!” (as Paris Hilton’s mother!)

Gifted with a singing voice lovely enough that film critic Roger Ebert claimed “should be bronzed,” she composed songs which she sang for the soundtracks of “Scarface,” “The Breakfast Club,” “Thief of Hearts,” “Summer School,” “Better Off Dead,” and “Babe II: Pig In The City” (for which she also voiced the title character). E.G. also recorded three albums, with several songs reaching the top of Billboard magazine’s dance charts...

“Listen Closely” has plenty of visual appeal, as Daily is clad in costumes designed to put her great shape to effective display. Come see “Listen Closely” for the sights, the sex, the scandals, the songs, and the fun.

See what I mean? And how awesome is it that she is going to play She Who Shall Not Be Named's mother? Especially with their icky Rick Salomon sexual connection! E.G. is a brave, brave lady...

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Now, E.G. has not sat idly by and let time erode her perky good looks. No way! She is still striving for perfection, and has, inevitably, opted for the plastic surgeon's knife, as is plainly evident when perusing the recent photos on her official website. She has poofed her lips to a Melanie Griffith level and is almost unrecognizable in many of the pictures. I expected as much, for she will let nothing stand in the way of her own personal road to stardom! NOTHING! Bless her little heart...

To catch up with your old pal E.G., go:

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    Anonymous said...

    Nice Figure, but that FACE! OMG!

    Anonymous said...

    She is darling. Been a fan for ages. What the hell is all over her shirt?

    ~ Spare E

    Anonymous said...

    I could do without the botox lips, but I've harbored a crush on E.G. Daily since Valley Girl. She was on E's celebrity dating show a while back, too.

    Anonymous said...

    go cruise my cool website:
    "E.G. DAILY, tribute to a superstar"