Thursday, February 24, 2005

Do You Believe in Miracles?

What an exciting night of television! First, little miss thang Nilyne got her ass bounced off of "The Road to Stardom With Missy Elliiot". And deservedly so, I must say! She thought her tiny cute looks and luxurious weave would take her to the pinnacle of success, but Missy wasn't having it, oh, no she was not. And then there were three!

Of course the biggest event of the evening was the season finale of "Project Runway." The first hour of the extra-special two hour event was mainly spent on seeing the designers in their natural habitats, which is something I have longed for all season. First up, robotic-yet-oddly-endearing Parsons design guru Tim Gunn went to rural Pennsylvania to see Jay McCarroll at his home/studio. His house was not at all what I expected; I guess I thought he'd live in a modern-day Warhol Factory-style loft or something, with silver paint and, I don't know, a stuffed cow; instead, it was more like a grandma's house, with traditional American furnishings. It was so sweet! Everything to do with Jay warms my tiny heart! (Also he was dressed like Ed Gein, complete with red/black check jacket, hunter's hat, and shotgun. Oh, and curly red wig.)

Then Tim Gunn journeyed into the heart of darkness, visiting Wendy Pepper at her house in Virginia. Her mother and daughter were there, and were both adorable and charming. What happened with Wendy's genes? Her "husband," if he really exists, was nowhere to be found.

Finally, Timmy went to L.A. to see Kara Saun, who apparently lives in the "Poltergeist" neighborhood.

Then the gang met back in NYC, at a suite in the swanktabulous W Hotel, which they had to share--much to the chagrin of Kara Saun and Jay, who both loathe Wendy Pepper. But Jay had the good manners (and sense) to be cordial to Wendy, unlike Kara Saun, who refused to acknowledge or speak to Ms. Pepper, which evenutally led to a huge blow out--the best part of which was Jay telling Wendy that yes, "everyone hates you! Everyone!"

Kara Saun kind of irked me on this show. As much as I despise Wendy, she didn't do anything new to make me hate her (well, except for making endless permutations of her arsenal of annoying faces and wearing a baseball cap with "Wendy Pepper--The Longshot" embroidered on it), while Kara Saun revealed new, ugly sides to her personality. She showed her immaturity by not speaking to Wendy; also, her greediness/questionable morality came out when she had custom-designed shoes provided for free by her pals at Dollhouse, which violated the terms of their "Project Runway" contract. I can understand her point--why not use every single connection, friend, etc., at your disposal to help achieve your vision--but the producers told her flat out that it was wrong (and unfair to the other two), and she responded by having Dollhouse produce a phony invoice charging her $15 a pair, which is ludicrous, because they had them specially manufactured just for her. Also, she was very aggressive about which models they got, snatching up supermodel Maggie Rizer before anyone could even discuss it (much to Jay's irritation), which bit her in the ass when Maggie didn't show! Ha HA! Again, though, I think she was in a frenzy to win, and the pressure was on, so I don't hold it against her too much. She's certainly a better and more likable person than you-know-who. In the end, neither the shoe nor the model thing seemed to impact her show one way or another, but it wasn't pretty to see her like this.

Then it was onto to Olympus Fashion Week! The worst runway show was, naturally, Wendy's. It wasn't that it was bad, so much as just terribly unoriginal. Her clothes were pretty and well-made, but I felt like you could see everything she made in the Dillard's prom section. Nauseatingly, she mentioned at the beginning of her show that she is a "mom from Virginia"--it's like she wants special consideration because she has a child: "Well, her clothes aren't that fab, but she is a mother from Virginia, so she has overcome a lot in her life--let's make her the winner!" At the end of her presentation, Wendy grabbed her daughter from the audience and carried her down the runway. Puke!

Next it was Kara Saun's show. Her clothes were amazing: Beautiful, luxurious, sextastic. But as the A-town viewing party pointed out, her dresses all had the same style: Halter-style top with some kind of skin-revealing cut-out and fur trim. Also, she made them too long and tight, so much so that professional models were unable to walk in them. But she did do an incredible, impressive job.

Finally it was Jay's turn! Hurrah! He did a music-inspired show, so all his models were wearing headphones dyed to match their outfits! It wasn't anything I would ever wear, but it was original and fun and exciting! Here's what Tim Gunn said about Jay's collection on the Bravo site:
His collection was beautiful. His point of view was palpable. His construction was impeccable. His looks were thoughtfully sequenced and styled. And the entire thing was dancing on the metaphorical rim of the volcano; that is, Jay took HUGE risks with this collection, meaning that it could have crashed and burned big time. Instead, it enticed, seduced, and provoked.

Yay, Jay!

Then it was back to Parson's to be evaluated by the judges, which included crazed actress/ "fashion fan" Parker Posey! They told Jay that his clothes were too "matchy," that he did all one color on each model and that's bad, for some reason. They told Kara that her clothes looked straight outta Gucci, which she denied, saying that this is the same look she's been doing "for years." And Wendy they said was a great "tailor" and was very "rural." Diss!

So Wendy was elimated right off the bat, which, in her state of constant never-ending denial, was a shock to her, because "you don't get this far and think you're not going to win." Earth to Wendy! The only reason you were in the final three was because of the idiotic bad taste of Nancy O'Dell and the scheming of the producers to have a villain on their show!

Then it was just Jay and Kara. The judges gave both of them much-deserved praise. Kara Saun maintained the highest degree of excellence throughout the season, won numerous design challenges, and her show was amazing--but in the end it didn't matter because JAY WON! Yes, Jay McCarroll is now officially America's Sweetheart!

I'm so glad, not just because my prophetic post of yesterday was so eerily accurate, but also because, while Kara lives in L.A. and already has tons of fashion connections and is obviously going places, Jay lives in a grandma house in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania and was a chubby band nerd in junior high! Plus he is original and brilliant, without sacrificing his personality or his humanity, which really came through on the finale.

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Viva Jay! Viva America's Sweetheart! We heart you!

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Anonymous said...

A few things I know I'll do differently after watching last night's finale:

baseball cap with my name in block print on front, pithy quote on embroidered on the side - a MUST!

t-shirt with cartoony self portrait to wear for special events - absolutely!

calling everyone by a quick melding of their first and last names. (Well, everyone but the the Felt Up Blogette - your full first and last names become a tongue-twister when I try to get them out quickly.)


completely color-coordinated ensembles with matching giant headphones - I LOVE it! (No joke. I really love it.)

*SO* worth the study break!

~ Spare E