Saturday, February 19, 2005

Another day, another Lindsay-Lohan's-Dad-in-Deep-Doodoo story! Yippee!

From the AP:

"A car driven by Michael Lohan, 44, left a road and struck a utility pole shortly after midnight in the Long Island town of Syosset, said Nassau County Police Sgt. Patricia Scalzo.

Lohan, of Laurel Hollow, was the only occupant of the vehicle. He got out before it burst into flames and was not injured.

Police charged Lohan with driving while intoxicated and driving without a license. Lohan did not comment as he was taken from police headquarters to a court appearance.

It was the latest in a series of scrapes with the law for Lohan, whose 18-year-old daughter starred in films including "Parent Trap," "Mean Girls," "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" and "Freaky Friday."

In December, he pleaded guilty to several charges, including assaulting a brother-in-law at his son's communion party, and was ordered into drug and alcohol treatment and therapy. He also was arrested last June for allegedly skipping out on a $3,800 bill for several suites at a hotel.

After his estranged wife filed for divorce, he held a news conference earlier this month to proclaim his problems with substance abuse were over.

His attorney, Dominic Barbara, had no comment when contacted Saturday morning."

No wonder his daughter is running amok--dancing on tabletops, doing god-knows-what with Johnny "My 9-Year-Old Daughter is 1/2 Lindsay Lohan's Age" Knoxville, constantly collapsing and causing problems on movie sets due to "exhaustion," etc, etc--the wild, substance-abusing, out-of-control apple doesn't fall very far from the tree, eh? I almost feel sorry for her. As much as I can feel sorry for a skinny, pretty 18-year-old multimillionaire superstar ho-in-training. Which ain't much.

What's Tara Reid's excuse?

Special thanks to superstar snitch Michelle S. for the head's up. Now back to your books, young lady! This kind of reading material is far too low-brow for the likes of you!

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Anonymous said...

And for all these years I thought she was Michele (one L) S. What else is she hiding from me?

S. Nagel Manbody