Monday, February 14, 2005

Aha! I just perused the "Access Hollywood" website, as is my wont, and found this photo of evil Nancy O'Dell wearing loathesome "Project Runway" contender Wendy Pepper's despised design at last night's Grammy Awards:

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Damning evidence indeed! Where are the horrible goddamn feathers that Wendy so painstakingly sewed onto the hideous skirt? J'accuse, Nancy O'Dell, j'accuse!

O'Dell said she would have to "tweak" the design, but it looks like she just kept the top and made the bottom into a run-of-the-mill miniskirt, albeit in bright orange.

Oooh, I just can't stand it! AUSTIN NOT BEING IN THE FINAL THREE IS ALL YOUR FAULT NANCY O'DELL! I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY! At least the punishment fits the crime: She had to wear the outfit! And I'm pretty sure it won't be valuable years from now as a vintage House of Pepper original. Unlike the Austin Scarlett couture Grammy dress...


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Unknown said...

i agree, i hate wendy seriouslyyy why would she winn ugh