Friday, January 28, 2005

Unshocking new developments in the Doomed Doherty/Moss Affair: a.) His ex tells Kate that Pete is only after her money so he can buy drugs, and b.) It may already be over! Page Six reports that:

"The ex-girlfriend of Kate Moss' new boyfriend, rocker Pete Doherty, has warned the supermodel he's just after Moss' moolah to buy drugs.

As we reported yesterday, Moss has been hot and heavy with the ex-Libertines frontman, who reportedly has a $1,500-a-day habit.

'They are a match made in hell,' Doherty's ex, Katie Lewis, told 'He's evil and twisted, and the only thing he wants her for is her money. People will hate me, I'll be blamed for splitting them up. [I] trusted him, and he killed me.'

Meanwhile, the London Sun reports the new romance may have already cooled. The paper claims Moss text-messaged Doherty goodbye and then refused to take his calls."

Stay tuned for more I-told-you-so details as they emerge!

Also in Page Six was this little tidbit about every girl's secret beauty weapon: THE WIG. Specifically, the giant wig that will soon be put to work atop Beyonce Knowles' hardworking noggin:

"The $50,000 blond wig destined for the pretty head of Beyonce Knowles has been drawing admirers at a salon in Paramus, N.J.

Steppin' Out magazine's Chaunce Hayden tells us he came face-to-face with Beyonce's hairpiece last week in a back room of J/A Alternatives, where he was getting his hair cut.

'It takes your breath away,' Hayden gushed. 'It's shockingly blond and about 3 feet long and very thick. It was sitting there on a Styrofoam head. It was like meeting Cousin It from 'The Addams Family!"'

He said the wig was made in China over 10 days and made entirely from 'European hair.'"

EEEWW! Her wig is in New Jersey? YUCK! I like to wear an enormous, 3-foot-long $50,000 blond wig as much as the next girl--I'm only human, I'm not made of stone, after all--but I don't want to know anything at all about where it came from, or what type of people "ponied" up their locks to make it!

"European" is totally code for "white people," isnt' it? Something to think about.

I like my incredibly fake wiglet I bought in Houston for $6 just fine, thank you very much. This all seems like an O. Henry story...Are there a bunch of European gentlemen buying expensive combs for their beloveds at this very moment? I'm getting a little teary-eyed just thinking about it...

And, finally, yet another gem from Page Six. It seems that:

"Liza Minnelli regaled fellow patients, nurses and visitors during a recent stay at the psychiatric division of N.Y. Presbyterian Hospital/Westchester Division in White Plains.

'She was endearing and bubbly and very outgoing,' said a source.

Minnelli — still grieving for composer Fred Ebb and missing friends like Halston — sang her classic tunes and reminisced about 'Cabaret,' 'The Sterile Cuckoo' and 'Arthur,' her Broadway stint as 'Liza With a Z,' and the horrible days with David Gest (although she said he did orchestrate a 'beautiful wedding').

Minnelli is now busy rehearsing for her three-night gig at Westbury Music Fair Feb. 18-20."

OK. First of all, Page Six left out one teensy-tiny detail: WHAT WAS LIZA DOING IN THE NUT HOUSE? Surely one can grieve for Halston at home (as I do), right? (And didn't Halson die approximately 100 years ago, in fashion time?) Is it because she fell out of bed in a drunken haze and had to be carried to the hospital by male attendants last month? What is going on? I HATE shoddy reporting of non-news!

But what's really creepy is that Terri R. and I were watching "Arthur" JUST LAST NIGHT! And I was trying to remember the name of a particular Liza movie, to no avail! So I went home and IMDB'd the name "Liza Minelli" so I wouldn't go mad! (It was "The Sterile Cuckoo"! Which was just mentioned above!) I also wanted to prove to myself that Liza had essentially stopped making motion pictures after "Arthur 2: Love on the Rocks," and I was right! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

Actually, knowing Terri R. and me, they are pretty good. We would watch "Arthur" at the drop of a hat.

We also watched "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" (Ellen getting a Tiffany bauble from Portia di Rossi was the LEAD story in Page Six today, go figure!) because Barry Manilow was on. We missed his rendition of "Copa Cabana," though, much to our chagrin. I used to sing the words, "Her name was Lola, Lola Falana" to that song all the time when I was little, which a.) REALLY dates me and b.) speaks to the unusal interests I had in my highly formative pre-teen years. Lola Falana, the one-time "Queen of Las Vegas," minor disco hit-maker, and soap-opera star, was a glamourous and multi-talented figure to the future Felt Up blogette, believe you me. She must have been on "The Love Boat," like, 5,000 times. Also "Fantasy Island" and "Circus of the Stars." Ahh, "Circus of the Stars," I've missed you, old friend...

If you are interested in the life and times of Ms. Lola Falana, and you should be, check out her bio:

  • HERE!

  • Image Hosted by

    Note that "her beautiful face was plastered on the cover of so many Italian magazines that she was hailed as the 'Black Venus.' It was once reported that over 500 Romans asked for Lola's hand in marriage during her sojourn in the country." What sensitive and inquisitive child of nine WOULDN'T be fascinated with such a person, may I ask?

    And, in yet another odd coincidence, there is a link to a bio of Candi Staton right next to Lola's, and I just bought the Best of Candi Staton CD THIS WEEK! (Insert me humming the theme to 'The Twilight Zone' and making scary bug eyes HERE.)

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    We simply MUST get ourselves to that Westbury Music Fair gig of Liza's. We MUST.

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