Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A secret source--OK, OK a mass e-mail sent out by UK gosipeers Popbitch--claims that Ben Affleck is perhaps not so much ON the wagon as he is passed out beneath it:

"Ben Affleck is shooting a new movie in
Vancouver called 'Man About Town.' An on-set
source claims that Ben is back to his hard-
partying ways, keeps falling asleep between
takes and has to be fed his lines one sentence
at a time to aid his memory. During the week
that co-star John Cleese was shooting his
scenes, he was kept waiting for a almost two
days for Ben to show up."

Isn't the love of serial co-star-canoodler Jennifer Garner enough to keep El Affleck off the sauce? The answer, apparently: NO. Say what you will about J. Lo, but she was at least able to get her mans to replace booze with a much less destructive high-stakes gambling addiction. Stay tuned for more unverifiable details as they emerge from the shadows of Tinseltown into the unforgiving glare of my in-box. That sounds kinda dirty, somehow...

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