Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Here's a fun lil' tidbit from British gossip-mongers Popbitch:

"Faye of Light:
Madonna tries to out-shine her wrinkles

Madonna was among the stars at BBC television
centre this week recording a song for
the Tsunami Appeal show on US TV.

A BBC technician tells us that Madonna is now
using a 'Faye'. This is a bright light placed at
eye level, in front of the performer, which
helps to hide wrinkles. It gets its name in
honour of Faye Dunaway, who always insists on one."

Heh. Although, in all fairness, I should not cast the first stone, since I have a tendency to make all who gaze upon me rub vaseline onto their eyeballs for a "Barbara Walters Special" hazy halo effect. I also walk around with a piece of light gauze hanging over my face as a veil, wear cotton gloves over my crone's claws, and insist on indirect overhead lighting AT ALL TIMES. I am becoming a wampyre in my old age. A child of the night. I vill drink ze blooooooooood....

40 is the new 30, by the way.

Also, 37 is the new 28.

And 35 is totally the new 26.

50 is the age at which I "let myself go" (more) and start stuffing my face with bonbons, lying around all day on a feather pillow in a towel turban, and transport my bulk around Sam's Club in a Rascal scooter, filling my basket with elastic-waist pants and more turbans. Just, you know, FYI.

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