Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Do the talents of your humble Felt Up blogette have no end? Frankly, yes. But at least now she can add PUBLISHED (ON THE INTERNET) SONGSTRESS to her resume!

Here's the scoop (I'm going to change out of third person, it's too exhausting): One of my favorite sites, World of Wonder, features the writing talents of James St. James, eternally youthful and fabulous former clubkid extraordinaire and all-around celebutante, who posts delightful blog entries about his life, his loves, his conversations with "Party Monster" convicted felon Michael Alig, his yearning for Botox, etc. Recently James has become infatuated with one Brandon Davis, oily-haired oil-heir and Mischa "Fugly" Barton's boytoy. James posted a lyric today that he'd written for an unfinished anthem/ode to Brandon:

I want to put my hand in
Your pants"

Then Mr. St. James requested help finishing the lyrics...To see the fruits of our collaboration, waste not time and hurry over:

  • HERE!


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