Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Call me nutty, but I get some kind of sick thrill every time I read about another Star Jones outrage. She's just so incredibly over-the-top with her awfulness. She has absolutely NO shame, NONE--which is something I look for in my celebrities, let me tell you. The newest atrocity is yet another Bridezilla-related diva hissy-fit, yippee!

Page Six led with this honey of a headline:


"Star Jones pulled a one-day 'sickout' from "The View" when ABC execs insisted on deleting all the plugs 'Bridezilla' gave to her wedding suppliers in a special airing tomorrow night.

In the interview Jones and hubby Al Reynolds did the day after their Nov. 13 nuptials for 'InStyle Celebrity Weddings,' Jones mentioned the designers, florists, and hair and makeup people who provided their services for free in exchange for publicity.

'All was fine until the special was shown to Andrea Wong, [executive] v.p. of alternative programming, and the ABC Broadcast Standards Department. That's when the [bleep] hit the fan," shared the insider. "ABC went ballistic and ordered a ton of edits.'

The missing mentions from the InStyle special are quite obvious. For instance, when discussing the bride's cathedral-length veil, it shows the gown's creator, but a voice-over refers to her simply as 'her designer.'

Jones did not appear on 'The View' on Jan. 7. 'When Star was told [about the InStyle editing], she staged a sickout protest,' our source relates. 'She said, "No one, including ABC, tells me what to say or what to do with my life."'

'Star boycotted the show, and that is when she was immediately notified that [if] she did not heed ABC's warnings, she was going to be fired from "The View." This word came down from as high as Bob Iger.

'Star has since not mentioned a word about her wedding on the advice of her own attorney and p.r. reps.'

Jones' spokeswoman said: 'She's seen the special and adores it. Anyone who said she staged a sickout is lying. Star's a consummate professional.' ABC had no comment..."

The story also mentioned that Star was nervous that if all these deals fell through she and her probably-gay husband Al Reynolds would have to ACTUALLY pay for all their wedding crap, like the little people do. HA! Wouldn't that be awesome?

There is an online petition to "Stop Star Jones," which is pretty wonderful. Here's a quote:

"There has never been a more self-centered lady in the early beginings of this century.

As the audience of the American media, we are absolutely disgusted with having to listen and deal with this television personality. Please, we do not care about her wedding, her husband, her marriage, her blessedness, her God, her law degree, her 500 pairs of Payless Shoes and her upcoming book. And really, what exactly does she do?!"

Yes, what indeed. A very good question. If you, too, are feeling helpless in the face of the perplexing media juggernaut that is Star Jones, empower yourself by signing the petition to STOP STAR JONES:

  • HERE!

  • If you get all giddy with taking a courageous stand, you might also want to sign the Stop Ashlee Simpson petition while you're at it, which states:

    "We, the undersigned, are disgusted with Ashlee Simpson's horrible singing and hereby ask her to stop."

    Participate in the democratic anti-suckitude process:

  • HERE!

  • Just to cleanse your palette, there's a wee item in WENN that Stockard "Rizzo" Channing was arrested for DUI in December after she was observed driving on the shoulder of a freeway in California:

    "Channing, 60, is due to be arraigned on February 9 in California Superior Court for 'unlawfully driving a vehicle while being under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and a drug.'"

    Oooh, a drug! Hurrah! I wonder which one? Don't you just bet Rizzo was all beligerent and haughty during her arrest? She's from a very wealthy, "old money"-type family, by the way, which I always find fascinating for some reason...She seems like a tough lady. A tough, boozey, druggie, rich older lady--what could be more awesome? If she and Carrie Fisher ever hung out together, the blowsy old broad quotient would be through the ROOF! God, I would love to party with those two...

    Oh, Stockard. Don't worry about this! Everyone loves you! There are worse things you could do!

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    Anonymous said...

    If you have the Superman DVD (and what reader of Felt Up doesn't?? errrr..), you can watch Stockard Channing's screen test for Lois Lane with Christopher Reeve.

    I would like to be in a threesome with Stockard and Carrie Fisher, preferrably around 1978 with lots of blow.

    Star Jones needs to go away. Now. I mean it. I want her out of our minds. Out of our sight.