Thursday, January 20, 2005

Ben Kingsley has split up with his wife, if anyone gives a crap.

This news comes as no surprise to sadsacks like me who have nothing better to do than follow the ins and outs, ups and downs, trials and, yes, tribulations of Ben Kingsley's 15-month marriage to one Alexandra Christmann. There have been rumors that he insisted all of their friends call him "Sir Ben" after he was knighted by the Queen for his contribution to The Dramatic Arts, and for SOME strange reason, his wife found this pretentious and annoying. What a harridan!

Now comes word that his wife vented her marital frustrations by canoodling with a coarse (I'm assuming), non-knighted German real estate agent. WENN reports:

"On Monday, the BZ tabloid printed a picture of Alexandra Christmann passionately locking lips with estate agent Sammy Brauner, the son of well-known German movie producer Atze Brauner.

That night, a photographer for the publication spotted Christmann holding hands with Brauner at a party, where she told the snapper: 'I've split from Ben. Sammy is my new boyfriend now. We are a couple and we are really happy.'

Gandhi actor Kingsley married Christmann in October 2003."

What I find particularly sad about all this is the fact that no matter how many movies he makes, he shall forever be known as "Ghandi actor Kinglsey." Too bad for his love life it's not "Sexy Beast actor Kingsley."

It could be worse, I suppose...such as "Howard the Duck actress Lea Thompson." Now THAT'S tragic.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! No Pot shots at Howard The Duck! George Lucas made that masterpiece...he he....